12 Natural Remedies For A Stuffy Nose. Treat Yourself Without Medication!

During this time, when the viruses are messing up, a stuffy nose is a fairly common problem. Nose congestion, as this inflammation is known, is caused by a cold or flu and prevents you from breathing normally, sometimes accompanied by muscle pain, coughing, and sore throat. Thus, it is a more serious problem so it needs to be thread carefully. Learn with this article how to get rid of stuffed nose, and breath freely!

Until you start treating yourself, we offer you 12 natural remedies, simple and available to anyone.

1. Inhale water vapor

A very simple remedy for getting rid of the nose involves inhalation of water vapor. Simply boil in a little pot of water and lean over it. Put on a towel on your head to increase the effectiveness of this remedy and to keep the vapor from losing.

2. Inhales eucalyptus vapors

Pour in a bowl of water and boil. When it boils, add three drops of essential oil of eucalyptus and keep your nose in steam for a few minutes. You will be blinding your nose as you blink.

3. Drink lemon tea

A natural treatment for nasal congestion is to drink hot lemon tea. It will help you release your nose from the mucous membranes.

4. Treat with the smell of onion

You need an onion (you can put garlic or horseradish) to crush on a plate. Then breathe for a long time while holding the onion to the nose. Even if it is not a nice method, it will make its effect quick and you will get a dirty nose.

5. Gargara with salt water

Sometimes a day, usually in the morning and in the evening, make a gargle of warm water where you add a little salt. In a cup of water, put half a tablespoon of salt and mix well.
6. Hot shower

After you have a hot shower, place a cool towel over the clogged nose. Helps relieve irritation and nose mildness.

7. Water drops with salt

Just like a gargle, but in normal, unheated water, add a little salt. Then, with a pipette, take a drop of this mixture and put it in a nostril. Breathe on your mouth to avoid shedding. Once you do not feel the drop in the nose, repeat the process to the other.

8. Drops of marigold tea

In the evening, before bedtime, after you have prepared a marigold tea, take two long ones of it and mix them with half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Put a few drops in your nose for a few days.

9. Hot water compresses

Wet a hot water towel, stretch and put the compress over your nose. Be careful not to fall asleep and, at the same time, to let your nails free. When the towel cools down, repeat the process. After some such compressions, you will also feel the benefits.

10. Consume spicy foods

Chili, horseradish, ginger or garlic also help to loosen the nose. If your sinuses are congested, you can eat a hot soup with a hot pepper. Then it is recommended to drink plenty of water.

11. Tea sweetened with honey

While you are in pain, be careful to drink at least one tea a day in which you have dissolved a spoonful of honey.

12. Inhale the aroma of essential mint oil

Along with apple vinegar, essential mint oil helps you get rid of nasal congestion. From a little gauze, make a compress to soak in essential mint oil. Inhale the aroma and repeat this procedure several times a day, morning and evening.

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