10 key pieces every woman should own until they turn 30

Of course, current trends are always irresistible, but there are some key pieces that every woman should have in the wardrobe.
Here is the list of 10 essential pieces that unless you don’t already have them, it would be ideal to own them soon:

1. Little Black Dress

Variations are impossible to count – from second-skin versions to broad and loose variants, from the ethereal to the rigid material with embroidery, applications or cutouts. To ensure that your black dress will be suited to any occasion, forget the current trend ideas and choose a variant with timeless silhouette.

Wear it with a sophisticated jacket at the office, with flat sandals and a jacket in a romantic veil, stiletto shoes and precious accessories at any formal event, like a wedding or cocktail party, with a cool jacket and heels sandals for a night club – the possibilities are endless.

2. A signature fragrance

With so many choices and so many perfumes, each one more irresistible than other, it’s hard choosing only one – but when you finally find it, you will never replace it. Custom perfumeries can help you find your ideal essence, or may even create a perfume unique for you – what could be more feminine than this ?! For an extra touch of glamour, keep your favorite essence in a precious crystal bottle.

3. Perfect shade of lipstick

Even if you didn’t get used wearing lipstick every day, it’s important to know the right color that make your teeth look whiter and which emphasizes your features. To find the perfect shade of lipstick, you can call a specialist who will determine the pigment suitable for you depending on many factors – from skin tones and undertones, to lip and cheekbone shapes.

4. A pair of stiletto classics shoes

A pair of classic stilettos can match absolutely any outfit, from dresses to jeans, offering an instant extra dose of femininity to your outfit. Make sure you choose a comfortable pair, and the bonus tip, rely on a pair of shoes with platform, which will always equate with the idea of timeless elegance.

5. A glamorous evening dress

A sophisticated evening dress should’t miss from your wardrobe, but don’t wait until the last moment (ie when you are invited to a black tie event) to buy it. Even if you don’t have any special event marked on the agenda for the moment, you never know when you’ll need an ultra-glam dress that will make you look as drawn from fairy tales.

6. A set of valuable underwear

A complete set of underwear (bra + briefs + girdle) is the “piece de resistance” of any boudoir. Forget dull materials such as cotton and rely instead on satin, lace or tulle, which will make you feel ultra-seductive.

7. A timeless bag

An excellent thing related to an expensive bag, signed by a famous brand, is that you can look it as an investment. Bags signed by Hermes, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent or Dior are true collector’s items you can pass on to your daughter or you can sell it at less than half the purchasing price in the first ten years (in case you change your mind), or even for a higher price than the original, once they become vintage.

8. A signature piece of jewelry

Whether it’s a vintage jewelry, a heirloom or a cool contemporary piece, choose an accessory that will make you memorable.

9. A stylish watch

A sophisticated watch with genuine leather strap completes any outfit, from the casual to black tie. Even if it’s a very expensive piece, it worth the investment 100%.

10. A tuxedo with impeccable silhouette

An extremely stylish alternative to the cocktail dress – a well-tailored tuxedo – perfectly combines androgynous look with a dose of femininity (wear it with heels for maximum effect). Bonus: if you choose to buy it from the store, make sure you take it to a tailor which will make those small changes that will make a huge difference.

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