What does dark circles color says about your health? See how you can reduce them

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About 9 out of 10 people have dark circles. The most common causes of dark circles are:
– age: the skin becomes thinner and the veins under the eyes become prominent
– fatigue, insufficient sleep, long time spent watching TV or PC
– smoking
– poor nutrition
– hyperpigmentation
– sun exposure
– excess drugs intake

Dark circles color betray medical problems
Dark circles may have different shades, which can provide information about their causes: the brown are often hereditary, the gray ones denote hormonal disorder and the blue-purple may be due to poor blood circulation or because of heart disease.

Natural remedies for dark circles

You can apply potato slices for 10-15 minutes, then wash with warm water. Compresses with blossom tea or cornflowers rose petals infusion are also effective remedies.

There are various creams and gels that can improve and fade dark circles, which contain vitamin C and K.

Chestnut extract is known for its decongestant effect on the eyes and because it increases blood circulation, being found in the composition of famous brands.

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