Want a Flat Belly? Avoid These 5 Foods That Are Making You Bloated

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A flat stomach, like in the movies, is everyone’s dream, whether it is a he or a she. But those flat abs that you have dreamed of need proper nutrition, not only exercise.

Here are 5 foods that are making you bloated and estrange your dream of having a flat stomach because fat that accumulates in the waist area is hard to remove.

1. Bakery products

Bagels, rolls, bars, croissants are made from refined flour. This type of flour increases blood sugar level, which in turn increases insulin production, culminating with the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. If you’re a lover of bakery products, choose the ones made from whole grains.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage can give big headaches in the digestion process, because it produces gas. It is good that vegetables that produce gas to be consumed cooked, not raw.

3. Fizzy drinks

A glass of fizzy drink can keep your belly bloated up to three hours. Sodas are worse because they contain other harmful ingredients like sugar or artificial sweeteners. Long-term consumption of fizzy drinks leads to chronic inflammation, plus the accumulation of fat around your waist.

4. Fried foods

Fat slows digestion, which means that fat will be deposited around the waist. In addition, fried foods contain trans fats. These fats may lead to chronic inflammation and cardiovascular disease.
Choose grilled or baked foods instead. Will be as crisp without containing dangerous fats.

5. Ice cream

Have you ever thought that an ordinary ice cream may harm you? Here’s why: it contains sugar, so it increases blood sugar level, which increases insulin levels, which leads to the formation of fatty deposits in the abdomen.
Ice cream also contains lactose that increases gas production and leads to bloating and even diarrhea.

In addition, consumed when it is very hot outside, ice cream is stressing the intestinal tract (which is warm) – the temperature difference leads to bloating and stomach cramps.

Image Credits: Trustworthy Fitness

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