The Best Homemade Sulfur Ointment to Get Rid of Scabies

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Scabies or, as people call it sometimes – the dirty hands disease, is a contagious skin disease caused by a microscopic parasite called sarcoptis. The symptoms for scabies are mostly rashes and itching. A healthy person can contact scabies through contact with infected objects or through a handshake with a person that already carries the sarcoptis. Most of the scabies cases are encountered in school environments. When contacting scabies, the female sarcoptis is stinging the skin, laying its eggs there, which will result in an unbearable itching feeling for the human host. You cannot see the sarcoptis in your skin, due to its microscopic size of just 1/3 mm. The parasite will exclusively feed on your epidermis. The females live for around 8 weeks and during this time they are laying around 50 to 60 eggs which will become larvae in the future. The female sarcoptis is not active during daytime and she will start digging in your skin at night. She needs about 30 minutes for a full penetration of the skin. The larvae reach maturity in about a week.

Therefore, vast skin areas can be affected by scabies in a very short time. By scratching the initially affected area we will transfer the parasite to other areas in our body and so on, creating a secondary infection and sometimes, in severe cases, even a purulent inflammation. Usually, the scabies affects soft and delicate skin, but also the wrist, the area between your fingers, elbow, neck, genitals and groins.

Even if the scabies infection sounds like a nightmare, you can get rid of it

Homemade Sulfur Ointment

Use sulfur cream to get rid of scabies. To prepare it, you will need 100 grams of butter, one teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sulfur powder. Mix all the ingredients together, leave it aside for two hours and then apply it three times daily on your skin for a week. You can increase the quantity of the ingredients according to your needs.

Another effective homemade remedy against scabies is a cream made of the following ingredients: celandine extract, carbolic acid (0.25%) and pure Vaseline in a 1:4 ratio. Mix all the ingredients together and apply it. You will notice how your itching feeling will diminish.

It is possible to treat scabies with homemade remedies only if you conduct in parallel a very strict personal hygiene. Among other things, you should iron all of your clothes and bedsheets upon washing it, disinfect the whole house, including the furniture.

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