Super Effective Homemade Mask That Will Replace Botox

Gelatin is a natural source of collagen – the substance necessary for skin elasticity.

How to prepare the gelatin-based mask

– Use ordinary gelatin.
– Mix it only with cold liquids (water, milk, herb infusion, etc., it is important to be cold).
– Follow the proportion: 1 teaspoon of dry gelatin to 7 teaspoons of liquid.
– Before application to the skin, warm the mask on bain-marie, (but avoid boiling it).
– Do not store the remnants of the mask because this is a single use product.

How to apply the gelatin mask

– Prepare the skin and carefully remove all makeup using a scrub.
– Thoroughly dry the skin before applying the mask.
– Apply the mask from chin to forehead.
– Do not apply the mask around the eyes.
– After applying the mask avoid talking and don’t strain your facial muscles for 30 minutes.
– First remove the mask with warm water, then with cold water. If you didn’t succeed removing it, wipe your face with a cotton – disk soaked in milk and then remove the mask.

Image Credits: Ladysis

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