How To Use Sage To Get Rid Of Abdominal Cramps And Bloating

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Sage is one of the healthiest plants on the planet. The Latin name of sage is Salvia officinalis, which means salvation. In 19 century, this plant was used to treat almost all diseases, and why not do the same instead taking pills?

Sage has healing effects because it purifies the blood, stimulates the mucus from the respiratory tract and also stomach mucus to regain loss appetite.

In the case of diabetes, it’s recommended to mix sage with yarrow, in equal proportion and to prepare an infusion and drink 3 cups per day.

Sage is also great in treating tonsillitis: prepare a sage infusion and gargle with it.

Also you can use sage to get rid of cramps: drink 2 cups of sage tea daily and you’ll relieve the pain caused by cramps. The same indications are used in the case of bloating and diarrhea.

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