How To Prepare The Watermelon Face Mask To Get Rid Of Fine Wrinkles

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Summer is watermelon season, so we must take advantage of this fruit and introduce it not only in our diets, but also in our beauty routine.

If we don’t take proper care of our skin, summer, sun especially, can damage our skin very badly and fine wrinkles will start to appear. To prevent or to get rid of them, use the below watermelon mask!

Just mix 1 tablespoon of fresh watermelon juice with a spoonful of avocado and apply the mask on your skin. Leave it to act for 20 minutes then rinse your face with warm water. Vitamin C has antioxidant effect, protects the skin from free radical action and gives it firmness, and watermelon is a high source of vitamin C.

Image Credits: Prettyplainjanes

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