How to Make a Bruise Disappear Faster

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Either you had a bike ride and you fell off, you tripped on something or you hit the furniture, you now have a bruise that you want to get rid of. A bruise or, in medical terms, ecchymosis, is a red-purple mark on the skin. It comes due to the breakage of small blood vessels after a mechanical trauma or even after applying pressure on the skin. It can be painful once touched, especially in the beginning. With the time, the mark will change its color in violet-blue and then in yellow-green.

Maybe you noticed that some people don’t have bruises after a hit, while you get one even if you just pinch your skin. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the bruises that come very easy can mean that you lack vitamin C or K, so you should consider changing your diet.

Even though a bruise heals by itself, you can make it disappear faster

First, you should avoid the bruise becoming too big. You can do this by applying pressure on the affected area immediately after you had the hit, for about 5 minutes. You can also use an ice pack for 10 minutes to encourage the blood flow in the area. Once you are done with the pressure or ice packs, it’s time to get some help from the homemade remedies to make sure you will get rid of the bruise.

• Boil a potato and peel it once it’s done. Smash it and mix it with two teaspoons of honey and one tablespoon of water. Apply the mixture on the bruise and leave it there for a couple of hours. You can cover it with a gauze and you will be able to move around.

• One of the easiest ways to get rid of a bruise fast is to crush a handful of fresh parsley leaves in a blender and apply it on the affected area. Cover it with a bandage and leave it for three hours. Repeat the remedy three times daily. Parsley is the most effective cure for bruises because it calms the pain and reduce the irritation.

• Crushed cabbage leaves are super-effective in treating the bruises and it is also one of the oldest homemade remedies for this kind of problem. Crush the leaves by applying pressure on it with whatever is coming in your hand – you should feel the juice coming out. Apply the leaves on the affected area and fix it with a bandage. Change it each two hours with new ones.

Now that you know how to get rid of bruises overnight, there is no reason to leave these unpleasant marks on your skin until it’s healed by itself. There is no reason to keep seeing it and endure the pain if you can do something to accelerate the healing process. Homemade remedies are fast, cheap and effective, so don’t hesitate in using it.

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