Highly Effective Remedy To Get Rid Of Hot Flashes

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Linden-flavored flowers are a hundred-year-old remedy for nerve relief and cold or flu symptoms. They have sedative and calming effects, improving digestive disorders on the nervous system. It also reduces inflammation and soothes cough.

But very few people know that linden tree flowers treatments are good for menopause, digestive diseases and panic attacks.

How does it help in menopause?

After menopause is installed, excessive sweating during nights, palpitations, insomnia and anxiety begin to appear. Linden tea relieves some of these menopause disorders, and in some cases will make them disappear.

How to get rid of hot flashes
Prepare an infusion made from a handful of linden flowers, and drink 3 mugs per day to get rid of those hot flashes. The remedy is very simple and very effective, taking action not only for hot flashes but also calming down any angry person.

Tip: every linden tea should be very concentrated to take effect.

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