What Happens To Your Cholesterol If You Eat 1 Egg A Day

Most people believe that eggs are not good for health because they increase blood cholesterol levels. But the reality is different: in our body there are two types of cholesterol. High-density cholesterol (HDL), which is called “good cholesterol” because it prevents fat deposits on blood vessels – this type of cholesterol is a key factor in preventing heart disease.

Low-density cholesterol (LDL), which is called “bad cholesterol”, sticks on the arteries and leads to cardiovascular diseases.
Well, according to recent studies, eggs increase only the “good cholesterol”, while the “bad” one remains at normal levels.

Over 255 studies made on a total of 8,000 people showed the positive effect of fresh eggs consumption on people with cholesterol or triglycerides levels bigger than normal.

Replacing the consumption of meat, hydrogenated fats (margarine), fried food with eggs is probably the most effective way to keep under control this health problem that affect more and more people.

Image Credits: Foodwhirl

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