Get Rid of UTI Pain and Discomfort Without Drugs

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A UTI or cystitis, as many people call it, is triggered by the action of a bacteria on the urinary tract. The main symptoms of a UTI are the frequent need to urinate and pain or stinging while doing it. This type of infection comes because different types of microorganisms reach the urinary apparatus and multiply, which will result in changes in normal kidney functions and urinary tracts. In 80% of the cases, the bacteria causing UTI is Escherichia coli or E. coli. Worldwide statistics show that UTIs are the most common infections, being even more frequent than respiratory infections.

The urinary tract infection is most common in women, but men can also have it, especially once they get old. Approximately 50% of the women will suffer at least once in their lives from cystitis. Young men are very rare affected by it, but once they reach 50 years old they are more prone of having one.

Cranberry – the best treatment for UTIs

The best homemade remedy for cystitis is cranberry, which can be used even by pregnant women if they take the necessary precautions. This is how you can find the cranberry:

• Cranberry extract, dried cranberry leaves – in any shop that sells natural remedies

• Dried cranberry, cranberry juice – in the supermarket

If you want to get rid of a UTI using cranberry, you can add 30-40 drops of extract in 100 ml of water or your favorite tea. You can also prepare tea from dried cranberry leaves. Grind well the plant and leave it overnight in a glass with 100 ml of cold water. Separate the liquid from the leaves and keep both. Boil the leaves for 10 minutes in another 100 ml of water. Throw the leaves and mix the two liquids together. Drink two cups daily for 10 days. Don’t add sugar, as it will annul the antibacterial effect of the tea. If you like to drink it sweet, add one teaspoon of honey.

One out of five women suffer from urinary tract infections, and ¼ of the ones that have it they will have a recurrent, so that is why is so important to treat it properly. Cranberry is a great remedy for UTIs, so you better make it your favorite fruit, especially if you suffered from cystitis at some point in your life. Why I believe it will help you get rid of the UTI? It has astringent properties and will help your body to eliminate the E. Coli. Plus, it contains a high amount of vitamin C, which will stimulate your immune system and make it more resistant to a urinary tract infection.

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