Fast and Effective Ways to Get Rid of a Migraine Headache

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Migraines are characterized by a strong pulsating headache, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or vision disturbance. The doctors are not sure what are the exact causes of the migraines, but they believe it is about the abnormal dilation and constriction of the arteries that supply blood to the brain.

The problem seems to be hereditary and there are several possible triggering factors, including the sensitivity to certain food, stress, hormonal imbalance, birth control pills, coffee addiction, temperature changes, strong light or different smells. Moreover, studies show that migraines are encountered more in women than in men.

Fast and effective ways to get rid of a migraine headache

• A plant called Tenacetum Parthenium can reduce the intensity and frequency of a migraine. You can find the extract in any shop with natural remedies. Drink 250 ml each morning.

• Flaxseed oil has essential fat acids that help our body produce more prostaglandins, chemical substances that constrict the blood vessels.

• Drink one cup of rosemary tea. It is very effective against migraines, stimulating the blood circulation.

• Black tea combined with few crushed allspices is beneficial when it comes to migraines. This beverage has anti-inflammatory properties that will calm your pain.

• Basil is well known for reducing the head tension induced by migraines and it will also act against the nausea coming together with the migraine. Put one liter of water in a bottle and add four teaspoons of basil. Leave it overnight and drink maximum two cups daily.

Natural remedies against migraines are proven to be very effective. When the pain comes and is ruining your day, the first impulse is to take a medicine. You should think that medicine can irritate your digestive system and create extra problems, so the best option is to concentrate on the homemade remedies that have such a positive impact on your health.

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