Amazing Effects! What Happens If You Put Onions In Your Socks Before Bed

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Did you know that there are direct access points on the feet to your internal organs? In Chinese medicine they are known as meridians and are associated with each body organ.

There are people who do not believe of the existence of these meridians but people familiar with Chinese medicine know that they are closely linked to the nervous system.

There are different nerve endings on the soles (about 7,000 meridians) related to different organs. They are like electrical circuits in the body and they are often inactive because people wear shoes or because they don’t practice acupuncture which activates these meridians.

Onions and garlic are known for their air purifying properties and for their abilities of destroying germs and bacteria. Also, phosphoric acid (the substance that makes you cry when peeling an onion) gets inside the blood and purifies it.

Here is how you can purify the blood and destroy germs and bacteria in two easy steps.

First step: Cut an onion into slices (red or white onion, as you wish)

We recommend using an organic onion because it does not contain pesticides and other chemicals that may go into your circulatory system.

Second step: Place onion slices to each sole and cover them with socks. Now you can go to bed.

During sleep, the natural healing power of onions will cleanse your blood, will kill bacteria and germs and will absorb toxins through the skin. Also, onions and purify the air in your room.


– Kills bacteria, germs and pathogens – onions have strong antiviral properties;

– Purifies the blood – phosphoric acid inside the onion will be absorbed through the skin and will purify the blood;

– Purifies the air – during sleep, onion on your feet will purify the air, will get rid of smelly feet and will absorb toxins and harmful chemicals.

Image Credits: Beauty Epic

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