6 Most Common Dinner Mistakes That Stop Fat Loss

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Usually, breakfast and lunch are eaten on the run, which makes dinner the most important meal of the day. Big mistake, say nutritionists! What other mistakes you probably do when having dinner?

Here are 6 most common dinner mistakes that stop fat loss:

1. Considering dinner the most important meal of the day

Dinner must be a light meal, somewhere under 500 calories. Unfortunately, people consume much more than that.

2. You put all the food you prepared on the table

When serving dinner, put on the table only the plates with food, not the whole food bowl. Also, before having a second serving, wait 10 minutes.
Often, talking during the meal may distract your attention and you may lose the satiety signal transmitted by the brain.

3. Eating and watching television

Eating and watching television are not good friends when it comes to your health. You are not enjoying either of them properly. It is best to separate them because when watching TV while eating you tend to eat more than you need.

4. You’re keeping the salt shaker on the table

When you see the salt shaker on the table, you tend to use it often. Instead of salt shaker, you can keep on the table other seasoning like herbs, oregano, thyme etc.

5. Eating out

Dinners in town are not very healthy. It is recommended not eating at the restaurant more than once a week. Foods cooked in restaurants are usually high in calories, fats and sugars. Fast-foods are totally out of the question.

6. Dessert after dinner

It is customary that after a hearty dinner to savor an appetizing dessert. This unhealthy habit increases blood sugar levels, which will keep you awake longer than you want.

How many of mistakes these mistakes you’re making when having dinner? Share this article and warn your friends about the mistakes they’re surely making!

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